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PolarReal is a debt, equity and asset management advisory boutique. We provide professional, independent and institutional quality service to owners of real estate as well as debt and equity providers.

Our combined experience of over 50 years on both the bricks and money side of real estate has taught us that although the asset side and the liability side of a balance sheet deal with the same topics they are nevertheless being interpreted from a completely different perspective by people with a different set of skills. The result is often miscommunication, frustration and less than optimal funding structures.

PolarReal’s team has a strong track record in bridging the gap between the two sides by providing professional analysis, presentation, deal structuring and placement services. Our high quality underwriting and due diligence work ensures that business plans are thorough, well researched and supported by market data and evidence.

We are proud to be a called a trusted partner by many respected parties in the European real estate and funding sectors.

Why PolarReal

Deliver optimised funding structures, investment solutions and asset management strategies. We aim to provide high quality analysis always supported by a thorough review and understanding of the assets and their local and broader markets.

When a funder or investor receives material with the PolarReal logo they should be able to trust that the content is reliable, realistic, thoroughly checked and correct.

Prior to our formal engagement, we carry out an initial high level analysis in order to evaluate and agree feasible solutions. Our eventual engagement starts with in-depth data gathering enabling us to carry out a detailed commercial due diligence and analysis. We will present and summarise our findings in detailed but easy to understand Information Memoranda, business plans, strategy documents as applicable.

On placement processes we always start from a targeted long list of relevant parties and then work with our client to secure and negotiate term sheets or LOI’s with the most appropriate ones. Once exclusivity is entered with a selected party, we manage and guide the legal closing and due diligence process as well as any further structuring and negotiations.

We speak the language of both real estate owners and funders fluently.
Our work is always based on a sound understanding of requirements and possibilities.
We will never promise the impossible but will strive to deliver the best possible.
The information we provide will be concise, well researched and easy to understand.
We aim to assist our client to negotiate an optimal solution that is feasible and sustainable for all parties involved.

Any information shared with us by our clients, potential funders and other partners will be treated as confidential and disclosed only to parties involved in the specific project in a manner as can be normally expected by parties involved in private placement processes. Information may occasionally be used in an anonymised and non-specific manner to assist with the feasibility analysis of new proposals.

PolarReal will sign confidentiality and integrity declarations with its clients and if applicable, market standard non-disclosure agreements with potential funders and investors.

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Team Members

Norbert Jansen
Founder / CEO

Norbert founded PolarReal in 2009. He has over 25 years of experience in a Real Estate Development, Investment and Finance. Holds degrees in Economics and Management.

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Aron Kovacs
Director Capital Markets

Aron joined PolarReal in 2013. He has over 20 years of experience in fields including Asset Management, Financial Advisory and Real Estate Banking. MBA London Business School.

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Teun Deckers
Senior Associate

Teun joined PolarReal in 2014.He has over 12 years of experience in Asset & Transaction Management, Real Estate Banking and Financial Advisory.

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Pieter Rodermond
Regional Director

Pieter joined PolarReal in 2018. He has over 20 years of experience in Real Estate Banking as well as development. Studied law in RU Leiden.

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We pride ourselves in providing high quality, independent, professional services and advice to our clients.
Our aim is to always work together to find a way to align requirements with possibilities and deliver the optimal solution.


Financial Institutions

We assists banks, debt funds and other types of private and institutional lenders in underwriting and evaluating new opportunities as well as analytical work, re-structuring and debt sales.

Our skills and experience on both the asset and debt side, together with our extensive network of debt providers and NPL buyers enable us to deliver tailor made solutions and optimise results.

Real Estate Investors

We work with both private investors (HNIs), corporate clients and institutional parties. Our clients are active as investors, developers and asset managers. Services we provide include debt placement, equity raise, asset management strategies as well as corporate level strategic and restructuring advice. We can represent our clients in negotiations with existing and new funders, investors, buyers and sellers. Assignments range from the level of a single asset or project to the level of the group as a whole.

Entrepreneurs & Corporates

Businesses will in most cases own and/or occupy real estate necessary for their operations. This can range from a single office location to a multitude of office, retail and logistics locations.

For a company whose core business is not real estate it can prove challenging to optimise their operational portfolio, often resulting in unnecessary costs and unlocked value potential. We assist these businesses both with specific cases and overall corporate level real estate strategies.

Projects & Clients


We assisted several well-know international investors and NPL buyers to analyse and evaluate the acquisition of single loans and portfolios ranging from EUR 50m to EUR 2 billion.

Restructuring & Mediation

We worked with banks and specific clients to analyse and resolve challenging situations on existing loan exposures ranging from 1 – 80 assets and various loan volumes.

Debt Advisory

We so far helped national and international clients raise senior, junior and stretched senior debt on portfolios and single assets ranging from EUR 5m to over EUR 100m.

Bridge Funding

We assisted clients in finding bridge financing solutions where speed was the main consideration. Debt was placed with private individuals or specialised (inter)national funders.

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